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Whether you're a novice, an enthusiast or a wine aficionado... you'll be amazed at what you'll discover in Wine Revealed as the top winemakers in the world share industry secrets!

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Whether you’re a novice, an enthusiast or a wine aficionado … you’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover in Wine Revealed as the top winemakers in the world share industry secrets!

Wine Revealed is airing for a limited time… and we’re inviting you to watch it for FREE during the worldwide premiere. 

The episodes will only be available for a special holiday preview from Tuesday, November 26th through December 16th. It’s kind of like the 12 days of Christmas, but better!

Be the very first to see each interview as it airs for the first time... You’ll have the excitement of seeing footage from wineries in Italy that have never been exposed to the camera before.

“If you love your wine then Wine Revealed is a must-watch!”

Join us for a transformational journey from grape to glass
as we reveal the true beauty behind this beverage

Wine is an elixir that has fascinated us for over 9000 years.

It's roots are biblical, historical and cultural. 

It sparks conversation, catalyzes connection, and has the ability to bond us in a way that creates transcendent experiences.

There’s magic behind each bottle that goes beyond what’s printed on the label. 
A story that can be traced back through its provenance… all the way to the soil, the elements, and most of all, the methods of the winemaker who crafted it... handing down their family traditions from generation to generation.
But even if you think you know your vintage from your varietal, until you see what we've uncovered for you... we'll bet you don't know the half of it.

REVEALED... the first and only deep-dive journey into wine and its history, with behind the scenes access to the true legendary winemakers who have remained hidden away as some of the best-kept secrets of the wine industry.

You’ll be spellbound as we demystify this most ancient liquid for those who never really explored it before, while also revealing fascinating insights for those who think they know their wine but don’t know the full story behind their glass.

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Every single one-of-a-kind interview and mind-blowing episode will revolutionize your relationship with wine.

So, if you're ready to take your experience to an entirely new level, Wine Revealed will expose the legendary wines and winemakers who carry on the traditions of their fathers… for generations back… and prove that quality is still paramount...
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Wine Revealed captures what no one else has ever captured.

This groundbreaking documentary series was born when an Academy Award short-listed filmmaker stumbled upon a winemaker’s secret while touring the vineyards of Italy. You’ll be the first to find out how the mysterious Fibonacci Sequence creates magic in this heritage-rich vineyard.

What you’ll learn during the FREE 9 day live premiere  of Wine Revealed...

Episode 1

Starring: Todd White, Marco & Amy Stevanoni, and Marco Skocaj

Todd White

Discover how brain fog and hangovers led Todd to discover the “natural” wine movement… find out why these wines hold the key to a healthier drinking experience.
Understand natural wines and what makes them so special… what’s in them that makes them “live”?
Learn the dirty, dark secret of the wine industry: How 70+ additives and chemicals are hidden from unsuspecting consumers like you… plus, how they get away with it.

Marco & Amy Stevanoni

Learn a fascinating insight into genuine Italian life… and what you need to do at the start of each day to embrace this culture!
Marco and Amy ended up as unlikely restaurateurs. If you like to host dinner parties, then this could be you one day.
Find out why they never pre-cook any ingredients at their unique restaurant and how they create a bespoke dining experience for their patrons with the wine they serve.

Marco Skocaj

Three generations of Marco’s family have had to contend with the changing border of the Brda region... they’ve lived in three countries without moving!
Discover “Ponca” and how it represents the land and affects the taste of the wine.
Learn Marco’s simple harvest-ready test on the grapes and see Ribolla and Chardonnay grapes growing side by side… you won’t believe the difference.

Episode 2

Starring: Behind the Scenes at Podere Le Ripi, and Ugo Fabri

Podere Le Ripi

See how Podere Le Ripi has kept with tradition to keep the balance of biodiversity in their vineyards.
Who or what is their number one enemy and how do they protect their vineyards from devastation?
Why they shun the use of recipes and what they use instead to maintain the perfect taste for their wine.

Ugo Fabri

Learn Ugo’s philosophy on wine and why he believes it has a soul and a story.
What’s the only thing he believes you need to do to learn about wine and what should you do when you find a “good” one?
Discover what the special climate conditions of high altitude, volcanic soil and the unique “breeze” have on Prima Pietra, where Ugo manages.

Episode 3

Starring: Behind the Scenes at Ca’Lunae, Marjan Simcic, and Simon Simcic

Behind the Scenes at Ca'Lunae

Discover the winemaking area of Liguria through this Ca’ Lunae walkthrough and how it bridges the gap between the Barolo and Brunello wines.
See the museum the family has lovingly curated to represent and reflect the process of winemaking from cultivation to bottling of wine in the area over the years.
Watch the unusual method they use to allow locals to select their wines and take what they need from the 12-15 varieties of wine they make at Ca’ Lunae.

Marjan Simcic

As a 5th generation winemaker, Marjan believes the work must go beyond economics… plus, what it means to run a legacy business
Learn what drives the family to keep improving their wine… which ensures their wines make it onto the menus of top European restaurants and specialty shops.
Marjan’s rebellious entrepreneurial spirit was instrumental in getting his wines into international markets… see what lengths he had to go to in the early days to export.

Simon Simcic

What a difference a century makes. Learn how the collectivist system transformed the lives of winemakers in the region and how pivotal Simon’s grandfather's role was in making this happen.
With wine always being the topic of conversation for dinner, discover why Simon continues the family tradition even with his other professional commitments
Learn about the rise of Slovenian wines. “ is still relatively unknown in the world, so there is a lot of opportunity”... and why this comes with responsibility.

Episode 4

Starring: Tomaz Scurek & the Scurek Brothers, Joska & Mateja Gravner with Behind the Scenes Walkthough

Tomaz Scurek & the Scurek Brothers

Learn what inspired this five-generations family business’ logo and how a local fairytale added a musical twist.
See the three types of wines they make and how their process and equipment used creates a unique mark on each.
Discover the local influence on this family winery... from the unusual “artists” barrels to grapes specific to the area.

Joska & Mateja Gravner

Josko risked decades of experimentation to put quality ahead of profits… listen as he shares his belief in living and working with the same guiding ethics.
Learn his one and only rule for harvesting... and how this ensures top-quality wine even at the risk of losing a significant portion of his crop.
See the fascinating, ancient tradition of using buried amphoras to age the grapes… and what this does to Josko’s wine that makes it so unusual.

"Wine is sunlight, held together by water” — Galileo

If you’ve ever enjoyed a glass of wine with a meal, then you’ve had a glimpse of what a simple sip of this fermented grape juice can do.

Not only does it enrich the food you’re eating but conversations flow, a sense of love and enjoyment is shared, and each time a bottle is opened a new experience occurs.

Truly knowing your wine takes this experience to a new level of joy. 

When you drink something that is of the earth…
And you know about the hands that have lovingly crafted the wine…

That’s when you unlock the true spirit of wine.

No matter how much you know about wine, there’s always more to learn. So why not be the first to see behind-the-scenes of some of the top wineries in Italy and the surrounding regions, and get to know the traditions that have helped shape the wine you know and love today?

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Episode 5

Starring: Levi Dalton, Christopher Dooley, and Silvan Persolia

Levi Dalton

The popular “I’ll Drink to That” Podcast host tells us how the absence of wine in his childhood drove his curiosity and led him to now be an expert in his field with 455+ wine interviews under his belt.
Find out why you should trust your sommelier… and not always think they’re trying to sell you the most expensive wine on the menu.
Hear Levi’s view on the differences in taste preference between generations… the Baby Boomers versus the new wave of Millennials who are forcing a new wine culture.

Christopher Dooley

Discover how this ex-actor found his way to working as the Assistant Wine Director at the prestigious Michelin star restaurant, Eleven Madison Park.
Listen as Christopher describes the wine community he fell in love with… and how this network he curated allowed him to make his mark.
Hear his philosophy on pairing wines with food and how he selects the perfect wine from a list of 5000.

Silvan Persolia

Meet Klet Brda, a co-operative of 400 members, and how he manages their land and wine production even when the majority of members aren’t full-time wine growers.
Learn how the changing borders during the post-war years split a church and it’s graveyard into different countries ... plus, the munitions still being found on the land and how they handle it.
Discover the influence the “terroir” had on their wine from 60 years ago…and the surprise that awaited them the moment they tried this old vintage.

Episode 6

Starring: Mauro & Savio Danielle, Valter Musso, and Paolo Manzone with Behind the Scenes

Mauro & Savio Danielle

Hear the surprising history of the grapes of the Barolo region and discover why they're now making a name for themselves.
Learn about the four local grape varieties and why Nebbiolo can be a difficult grape to nurture... but what a wine it creates when the conditions are perfect!
Discover what it is about Barolo wine that catches people off guard and why it can perfectly complement certain foods.

Valter Musso

Learn how Valter’s family started this Barbaresco winery in 1929… and discover the secret ingredient his family uses to stay one of the top 4 wine producers of the region.
Hear about the strategy his family uses to ensure a top-quality taste… this clever approach sets them apart from the big commercial wineries.
Be privy to Valter’s insider tip on their best vintage yet... plus, when and how you should drink it to enjoy it at its best.

Paolo Manzone & Behind the Scenes

See how the landscape of the Barolo region lends itself to the special character of the wines in the area… and what’s so special about the Nebbiolo grape.
Learn why the area of Piedmont has a unique “green experience” approach to fermenting... and why you’ll never get this with a commercial wine.
Discover how each year his blended wine gets a special label… and why this then becomes a collectors item.

Episode 7

Starring: Emanuele Rabotti, Mariano Buglioni, and Alberto Medici

Emanuele Rabotti

Hear the secret behind how the family’s Monte Rossa winery harnessed a 600-year-old method for creating Franciacorta sparkling wine… and then become one of three wineries to improve on this ancient approach.
Learn the deep root system used in their hillside vineyards to extract a special element that is evident in the wine's final taste — one that “transforms the wine in elegance and finesse.”
Get the story behind how his parents' 1987 experiment ended up creating their flagship Cabochon wine… which attracted illustrious guests like Frank Sinatra to the unveiling party.

Mariano Buglioni

Not all wineries have been in families for generations… see how Mariano’s got into the wine business, with their first vintage of 2000 being a hit.
Find out how the world-famous Amarone was first created with a surprising, accidental discovery during World War II.
The family’s signature Bugiardo wine was named after a sommelier’s passing comment… learn why it could be mistaken for an Amarone (but without the price tag).

Alberto Medici

Discover why the family switched from producing large quantities of Lambrusco… and adopted their new organic methods that meant replanting their entire vineyard.
Learn about the unusual Charmat fermentation process that creates the infamous sparkle… and how you can tell the difference to other methods.
Hear about the family's production of Balsamic Vinegar (for over 100 years!) and the intriguing connection between the wine and vinegar they create.

Episode 8

Starring: Roberto Bianchi, and Federica Mascheroni Stianti with Behind the Scenes Castello Di Volpaia

Roberto Bianchi

Learn all about Chianti Classico from a local... the grapes, the heritage, the rules... plus what a black rooster has to do with it all.
Discover what happened in the 1960’s to propel this regions wines to what it is today… and find out the conditions they have to contend with to produce top-quality wine.
Find out how certain wines in the area garnered the name “Super Tuscan” and what makes them so special.

Federica Mascheroni Stianti & Behind the Scenes Castello Di Volpaia

Learn the fascinating history of Volpaia and the generous wedding gift from Federica’s grandfather to her mother.
Volpaia is more than a winery… it’s a village. You’ll see how that brings life to the community.
Step back into the 12th Century as you roam the estate and learn why they’ve intentionally kept it this way.

Episode 9

Starring: Feliixe & Sylvia Jermann & Behind the Scenes at Jermann, and Simone Castelli

Felix & Sylvia Jermann

Discover what these 5th generation winemaker siblings do to preserve the vineyards provenance while still staying competitive in the current market.
Hear the story of why they both eventually joined the family business and how they use their unique skills to embrace tradition and innovation.
See the family’s ethos for cultivating a healthy working atmosphere at their winery and how it impacts the wine they produce.

Behind the Scenes at Jermann

Learn why the family continues to use a traditional method of horse and plough for one of their vineyards… and what this process does to the soil and grapes.
Find out the family tradition that keeps them in favor with their local churches.
See the iconic rock at the family vineyard that pays homage to what gives Jermann wine it’s unique taste.

Simone Castelli

See why Simone’s growing region is known as “the other Tuscany” and what famous grapes are grown here.
Discover the “bleeding method” used to create their rosé… an approach which has now become a trend in the area.
Listen to Simone’s thoughts on how climate change has impacted his wines character and what they now have to do to manage this.
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There are reasons your wine is giving you the miserable morning-after effect… and we uncover the truth of it all in Wine Revealed. 

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Even though wine is often considered mysterious and intimidating, we’ll show you how you can be your own sommelier without having to study for years or spend a fortune on courses — all from watching Wine Revealed from start to finish, for FREE.

It’s time to demystify wine for good!

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If you once enjoyed your wine but now have to avoid it because of the negative effects it has on you, then this series is for you! We’ll reveal the truth about what’s currently in your wine that’s making you sick.
If you’re a wine enthusiast and love the way wine connects you with friends and family over meals, but wish you knew more about how to choose better wines based on quality rather than marketing hype, then this series is for you.
If you’re a wine aficionado and pride yourself on your knowledge and ability to talk shop with the sommelier in your favorite restaurant, then we guarantee you’ll discover incredible new insights that will take your knowledge of wine from great to genius!

No matter your current relationship with wine, there’s something for everyone in Wine Revealed.
But if you’re particularly concerned about what you put in your body and how it affects your health, then you’ll want to watch this series from start to finish because the world of natural winemaking is about to explode. You’ll be a pioneer, learning never-before-revealed secrets that will transform your relationship with wine.

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